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The past and the future combined

Tied Ends presents unique reworked fashion pieces, fueled by the aspiration to place creativity at the core of our fashion journey. Establishing a connection between the present-day fashion industry and a more collaborative vision for the future. Each creation is one of a kind, giving shape and elevated form to what was given to us. Making fashion items no longer disposable, but part of an eternal cycle of creation.

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"Access over ownership"


I firmly believe in access over ownership, and creativity is at the heart of this movement. No matter what tools you use to create, the true instrument is you. I aim to offer accessibility to my designs through rental rather than sales. Not only does this make our designs more accessible, but it also initiates a cycle wherein the designs are consistently looked after with the same love and care as when they were first created.

See the lookbook for all available designs:

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Scherm­afbeelding 2024-01-16 om 17.25.00.png

2. Rent your favorite design

Dominique Verwijmeren Styling

3. Make your creative ideas come to life


First, explore all the designs in the lookbook and choose your favorite. Decide on your rental period (the standard rental period is 7 days) and e-mail to check availability. Please mention the date you want to shoot the design, the purpose of the shoot, and indicate whether you prefer the designs to be sent to you or if you would like to pick them up near Breda.


After all arrangements are made: enjoy the designs and make your creative ideas come to life! Return your items and I will take care of dry-cleaning and other aftercare. You can send them back or drop them off from where you collected them.

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