Dominique Verwijmeren

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About me

Celebrating the creativity in fashion with a focus on styling and design. 


Graduated as an all-round creative at Academie Artemis Amsterdam. Now working as fashion stylist and designer as the founder of Tied Ends. Giving shape and elevated form to my creative vision.


Tied Ends - Dominique Verwijmeren


Tied ends, the past and the future combined.

Giving shape and elevated form to what was given to us in the past decade. Each creation is a one of a kind, giving reasoning to craftmanship and unique material use. Based on the idea that fashion items are no longer disposable, but part of an eternal cycle of creation. Adding individuality to mostly fast fashion or second hand pieces, Tied Ends transforms these shapes in to creative experiments and creation. Celebrating the creativity that made fashion such an important part of our lives. 


I orientate myself in various creative concepts within fashion. Also research trends and innovations, target groups and materials to keep in mind while making my concepts. 
I connect people, visions and ideas in my concepts and visuals.


For a creative industry, fashion is not so creative with keeping up with the major "changes" we are seeing in our environment. I think our values ​​must shift if we want to turn the tide. This has resulted in my trend vision for 2030: The value shift.

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We want to stand by our dear ones in critical times, by example during this pandemic. We want to let them know that we think about one another and cheer them up with some flowers. Unfortunately, the flowers are not a permanent product. I decided to change this.

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"New Connection" is a fictive concept for "Connection", a new game from 999 Games. Connection is all about making new connections with your opponents. When opinions are shared, similarities are found between both players, the opinion of the opponent can lead to new insights.

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